Caravan Repair Approved Workshop Scheme


A joint Enterprise of

National Caravan Council

The Caravan Club

The Camping and Caravaning Club

Why Service Your Caravan?

It is a legal requirement according to the Road Traffic Acts to ensure that your caravan is safe when both in transit and on site.

When should I have my caravan serviced?

Normally the onset of Easter each year makes people think about ringing someone to do this. That is where the idea stays until the weekend before departure!

Surprisingly, it is impossible to service the nation's caravans in one week.

So, ensure that you beat the rush and get your caravan serviced early in the new year.

Why not Register on my site and I will send you a reminder in February each year.

Top 10 caravan faults that we come across;

  1. Cracked taps
  2. Electrical faults
  3. Battery charger
  4. Brakes needing setup
  5. Perished tyres
  6. Exterior lighting faults
  7. Water ingress problems
  8. Blinds and Fly screens broken or faulty
  9. Gas leaks from internal or external pipes
  10. Floor delaminating

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